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Deer Pond at Lone Star Retreat     Lone Star Retreat is going to be a fantastic place for artists, their friends and spouses to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. No visible power lines, no paved roads, no city lights, just the sound of birds singing during the day and the twinkle of starry skies at night. A mile from the front gate, nestled in a hardwood forest, the retreat commands a thirty mile view. Since Lone Star Ranch is also a game reserve, there is an abundance of wildlife, songbirds, waterfowl, and birds of prey. The lakes are filled with bass, bluegill and some catfish. And you won’t believe the abundance of wildflowers in the Spring!

Guest Cottage Awaits You at Lone Star Retreat    We have made great progress in our building projects at the ranch retreat. Both the main house and the guest cottage are now completed except for final landscaping. At left is a view of the guest cottage from which we enjoy a view of our fifth small lake. The main house has a spectacular view of the Arkansas River in the distance and of two small lakes in the foreground. We are completing our commercial greenhouse and have enlarged the garden. The gorgeous multi-colored mountain boomer lizard is flourishing. The turkeys and deer continue to delight us with their visits. Below are a few photos of our small corner of paradise.

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